What? Did you think I was dead?

Funny enough, I came pretty close, actually...

Here’s what happened. About a month ago, I got a PD dialysis catheter surgically implanted in my torso. Normally, you start the actual dialysis at least a month after that surgery to give the body time to heal.

I was started one week after because I did not have a month left.

My body was really starting to shut down. The levels of toxins in my blood was very high, and a lot of other levels in my body were severely unbalanced. The last month has been hell - a lot of pain and discomfort involved. However, it’s been worth it. I’m starting to feel better, and those toxins have dropped by about a third. I’ve still got a very long way to go, and, hopefully, I’ll pick up a new kidney along the way, but I’m back in action!

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