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You might be wondering what happened to Friday’s update. I’ve been having some serious health issues the last few months, and it looks like I’m on the road to a kidney transplant. I got that news on Friday. I also had to get treated for a serious fluid retention problem my medication was giving me, and that has improved greatly over the last couple days. I feel better and more like myself now - or, at least, better. I do have a buffer built up, so I will endeavor not to miss another update. As long as I can do it, I’m keeping this comic going. It’s a big help mentally.

Anyway, how about some fresh new comics?

Week of February 8-14

A Dash of Humor

These fantasy offerings take a more humorous approach to the genre. From a dust bunny swept out of his comfortable tree into zany adventures to poking gentle fun at the genre, our week’s offering will tickle your funny bone!

Fate - A story about friendship, adventure, magic demons and a grumpy dustbunny who wants nothing to do with any of it!

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